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Japan is in a chain of 6,852 islands located in the Pacific Ocean. It has the world's 10th largest population and 837.1 people per square mile living on the island. A rich culture and history dating back to 35,000 BC. Japan has a Constitution monarchy and a legal system that is very similar to that of Europe. There are 47 prefectures, similar to states, that are further divided into cities and towns. Each prefecture has a governor and representative body that represents the people.

Tokyo popular
Live streaming high definition view of the Chuo City area of Tokyo.
Clicks this year: 325

Japanese Barber Shop
Live view of a Kyoto barber shop.
Clicks this year: 71

Dream Land Live from Hamatonbetsu
It is town scenery in the country of northern Hokkaido Japan. The morning sun and the evening sun are recommended.
Clicks this year: 65

Live controllable webcam in Hiroshima, Japan
Clicks this year: 57

Gero Spa
Live Camera from Gero Spa in Gifu, one of the 10 best hot spas in Japan.
Clicks this year: 55

Nara Railway Yamatozi Line
Please come to watch our live broadcasting cam.
Clicks this year: 54

Mt.Fuji Live Cam
View of Mt.Fuji from an office in the Shizuoka Prefecture
Clicks this year: 50

Sapporo Market
6 live views from the roof of a parking structure near Sapporo Central Wholesale Market. To view the webcams you have to select the 3rd tab from the menu and also from the drop down menu the direction of the webcams..
Clicks this year: 45

It is the first live camera in the world which shows the kitchen of a sushi shop.
Clicks this year: 44

Citose Airport
Citose Airport webcam, Citose is located in the mid-western part of Hokkaido and about 40kms from Sapporo.
Clicks this year: 39

Hokkaido, Biei, Mild Seven Hill Live Camera and Weather Station
Live Camera and Weather Station in Hokkaido, Biei, right at the foot of the famous tourist spot
Clicks this year: 38

Clair Hirata
A live broadcasting camera of tourist facility Clair Hirata in Japanese Kaizu, Shiga City Hiratacho. I can look at a state of farm products, a state of a special product product direct sale place and the appearance of Clair Hirata with a live broadcasting camera.
Clicks this year: 34

Sasayama Castle
Live controllable camera from Sasayama castle and Dekansho Festival.
Clicks this year: 33

Fridge Cam
Fridge Cam takes you to the inside of a fridge. This page is refreshed automatically every minute. Live view of Kawasaki also.
Clicks this year: 33

Corydoras in small aquarium tank
Clicks this year: 31

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