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One of the countries of central Europe is Hungary. It is bordered by Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. The capital of Hungary is Budapest. Budapest is considered the largest city of this country. The total area of Hungary is 93,030 km2. The total population of this country according to the 2011 census is 10,014,324. The official language of this nation is Hungarian. The population is divided into many ethnic groups, from Hungarians to Romans and other groups. Due to the beautiful infrastructure and developed transit system, Hungary is able to attract lots of tourists every year. According to estimates, 8.6 million tourists visit this country yearly, which makes it rank among the top thirty tourist destinations. The largest thermal water cave system is present in this country along with the world's second largest lake, Heviz. The climate of this country is known as continental climate with frequent rain, hot summers and cold winters.

IRISZ CAM - Budapest
North view from Gellért hill, fortress 'Citadella' located in the heart of Budapest. You can see the castle 'Buda' at left side, bridge 'Lánchíd' at middle over river Danube. Exciting one-day MPEG movies.
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Budapest Hungary
Perhaps no other capital has played such a dominant role in the life of a nation as Budapest. About 2 million people or every fifth Hungarian lives in the capital. It is, from head to toe, a European city. Besides the citizens of many nations, more and more foreigners choose to make Budapest their home.
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Budapest Downtown
Control this cam and look around in the city of Budapest
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A Stork Nest in Hungary
The live webcam broadcasts pictures from a stork nest in the Hortobágy National Park, Hungary. The couple of storks has four nestlings. Streaming image, JAVA application.
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Lake Balaton in Hungary
Webcam at Lake Balaton. A view from the Tihany peninsular, the most beautiful part of Hungary
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Webcam in Kecskemet...
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Dunakeszi, Hungary (Weather Graphs' Site)
View webcams, weather graphs, forecasts, climate lexicon, plus the current weather information from all around the world. Image updates two hourly. The site's language is hungarian.
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Dr.Mobil Mobiltelefon szaküzlet + szerviz
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Debrecen, Arpad square
Private streaming webcam, shows a busy square with a church. Live from 8.30 a.m. to midnight.
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View of the quarter Buda and Church
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Live Herend
See this webcam overlooking the downtown of Herend. Is it sunny... or a little rainy? This is your spectacular snapshot capture!
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Plokata korcula
View of korcula main square. Webcam is at bottom right of the website.
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