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Russia is the largest country in the world, with a land mass of 17,075,400 square kilometers. It has extensive coastlines on both the Arctic and Northwest Pacific Oceans. There is an 8,000 mile span at its' widest point. The climate reaches both extremes with Arctic code in the Siberia to hot desert climates in the south. Eight Federal district containing 48 provinces make up the Russian Federation. This wonderful country has a diverse population of multiple cultures that share a history in the arts that is unsurpassed.

Nevsky Prospect of St. Petersburg
Nevsky Prospect of St. Petersburg - webcam with sound.
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Red Square, Moscow CAM
Live from the heart of Moscow, Russia. The Camera is located on the roof of the Moscow Business World Bank (MDM-Bank), this camera offers many views of the Moscow skyline, Kremlin, St. Basil Cathedral, GUM-moll, Rossija Hotel, Moscow river and many historical buildings.
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Webcam on the main tower of Moscow State University with online-control
This webcam is mounted on the 13 floor main tower of Moscow State University in Moscow. This webcam allows you to see the most beautiful panorama of Moscow in real time. To start viewing images from the camera, press the "H" in the lower right corner. Control the direction of the camera can be made via the arrows on the right and bottom of the image. To control zoom, aperture and focus can use the arrows located above the image. To the left of the image, you can choose one of two preset positions the camera - the Moscow Kremlin and the Moscow-City complex. You can also download photos from your camera by clicking on "Snapshot" and save it on your computer. More detailed panorama of Moscow you can see here. This webcam is based on Axis 2130PTZ.
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Russia Mytischi
Moscow region, Mytischi Street. Kolpakov
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Russia, Chita
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Live Panorama webcam in Murmansk
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Radio Siberia
Live webcam in the studio of Radio Siberia, Tomsk.
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St-Petersburg Traffic camera
The camera shows Lunacharskogo avenue in St-Petersburg, Russia. The web page provides a video archive of this camera plus some local information such as weather and maps.
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View the live traffic conditions in Moscow from over 60 webcams.
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St. Petersburg
Nevsky Prospect and Ploshad Vosstaniya of St. Petersburg.
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Webcams of the Sakhalin Island (Russia Far East). View out of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Hall window to Lenin Square, view out of the Sakhincentre window to Chekhov-Centre.
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Wyborg city
Webcam in the city of Wyborg, Lenin Avenue
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Cam shows the view to Mira / Svoboby streets crossroads and Tsemesskaya bay.
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of Norilsk city in Russian Arctic
You can see such natural phenomenon as the polar night, polar day, auroras, snowstorms, snow in June, extreme cold temperature and many other things that occur in Arctic regions of the Earth.
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Image updated every second. Chelyabinsk - a city in which the Russian made tanks and weapons.
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