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The republic of Serbia is situated at the southern east and middle of Europe. Serbia is bordered by Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro. The capital city of Serbia is Belgrade, which is also the largest city. The total area of Serbia is 88,361km2. The total population of Serbia is approximately 7.1 million and continues to rise. It has acquired the membership of many organizations, including UN and the council of Europe. The official language is Serbian. However, there are many ethnic groups living in Serbia like Serbs, Hungarians, Bosniaks, Romanians and other groups. The Serbian climate is dependent on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The winters are cold with snowfall, whereas most summers are humid and hot. The education system is maintained by the ministry of education and science. The religions followed by the population of Serbia are Orthodoxy and Catholicism. The economy of Serbia comes under the upper middle income group, but the growing rate is increasing at a fast pace.

Zrenjanin Live
Live web cam from city hall. Pointing at the square, main street and a bridge over the lake.
Clicks this year: 89

Padina LIVE
Padina (Vojvodina)
Clicks this year: 88

Novi Sad
Live view of a street in Novi Sad
Clicks this year: 76

First Zlatibor mountain webcam setup in decembar 2006.
Clicks this year: 57

Live streaming from Padina Web cam 2
Clicks this year: 55

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