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California remained the part of Mexico until 1848. It became a territory of United States with a Treaty after a war with Mexico. The official nickname of the state is 'The Golden State'. This state is also known as 'The land of milk and honey'. The capital city of the state is Sacramento. California is the third largest state of United States. Its bordering states are Arizona and Nevada (East), Oregon (North) and it meets up the Pacific Ocean on the west. It is a leading state among all the states of U.S. when it comes to the farm income. It is famous as an agriculture powerhouse of the country. Most significant crop of the state is of poppy flower. It is a medicinal plant which is generating multibillion dollar business every year for the country. The agriculture sector also contributes with up to 73% of the revenues from crops and rest of the revenues is derived from livestock, dairy products, manufacturing, mining, fishing and other services.

Torrance Beach
Torrance Beach surf cam.

North Lake Tahoe
Kings Beach located in North Lake Tahoe.

Truckee Airport
Live streaming view of the plans coming and going at Truckee Airport, Lake Tahoe

Old Greenwood Golf Course
Truckee, Lake Tahoe. Golf Course.

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