What is a Webcam?

Learn what's a WebCam and how to set up one easily!

OK, you found webcamworld.com but you still wonder: "What Is a WebCam??"

The answer is quite simple: a Web page which hosts images or even live video streams served by a digital Camera attached to a computer. Thus, a WebCam.

The WebCam technology has now become quite popular since first WebCams hit the World Wide Web. Back in the past only a few had the technology and the resources to keep a camera refreshing an image 24 hours a day and face up high costs and other serious problems.

Now, for less than $100 and an Internet dial-up connection, you can set up your own camera on the Internet.

If you surf the Web (and more accurately, WebCam directories like WebCam World), you'll discover thousands of different places and people that have a thing in common: a WebCam in their lives. You'll find cameras pointing to beaches, gardens, offices, parking lots, bedrooms; some of them will be user-controllable, some of them won't; some of them will be black and white, some others will be colorful; some slow, some fast... but the truth is that the spirit of having a Cam in all these people's lifes is the most important thing.

Leaving fun aside, you can also use this (relative) new technology for remote surveillance systems, monitoring events/places and broadcasting live events!

Set up your own WebCam!

As said, setting up your own WebCam is quite easy: it just requires a computer, a WebCam (the hardware) and a WebCam software along with an Internet connection. As usual, the faster the better. Before you decide which camera to buy and which software to acquire, you'll learn which different methods we have to show up pictures or video feed through the Internet, so you decide which hardware and software solution will fit your situation best.

Now that you know what a WebCam is, you may want to start a short Guided Tutorial in which you can learn how a WebCam works and how to get this technology working for you accordingly to your resources and needs. So, in addition to our collection of FREE services, we offer you a full tutorial to the WebCam technology:

These pages and its tutorial contains EVERYTHING you need to know about a WebCam, what do you need (hardware, software and add-ons), which techniques to use and even on-line demonstrations of true live operating WebCams and templates for you to choose and download; so whenever you end reading the tutorial, you'll have your WebCam up and running ready for your audience!

Let's start with the tutorial! Please continue to the first lesson!